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Monday, April 25, 2005

The supernatural

I received a note today from a friend of mine that talks about the supernatural being "practical". That concept is so important because many times we shy away from anything having to do with the supernatural because it seems spooky or weird. Yet God does not want us to be afraid of either Him or things that are beyond the natural.

Our culture and society is fascinated with the subject. I have been watching a show on Wednesday nights called, "Revelations", for two reasons. To check out the biblical content - and to see our culture's opinion and obsession with the subject.

People ARE interested in the supernatural.

My friend writes, "the superntural interfaces with the natural in your mental activity. This is where spiritual tranformation takes place. By learning the written word and knowing the living Word you will become increasingly skilled in discerning good from evil in your thought processes.

Every choice or decion we make has its foots in an urge, a fantasy, or an idea. Those urges, fantasies and ideas prompting you to do good are obviously from the Lord. Those urges, fantasies and ideas prompting you to do evil are obviously from Satan.

Allowing the Holy Spirit to show us the spiritual origins of our urges, fantasies and ideas enables us to deny expression to those obviously from Satan and give expression to those obviously from the Lord."

God wants the superntural to be practical in your life!

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