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Thursday, April 21, 2005

My life or God's?

There is a constant struggle within all of us to fully give and commit our lives to God or choose to live our own way. We constantly forget that we are on this earth to do the Master's bidding.

Sometimes we act in such an apathic, arrogant way, choosing how, where and with whom we are going to live. We act as if we are on this earth to satisify our needs, our pleasures, our wants, and entertain ourselves until we die.

But we are on this earth to satisfy God's needs, God's pleasures, God's wants and praise him until we go from this life to the next life.

As Rick Warren says, "Life is not about me, life is about God."


Firstag Music said...

I think many people treat heaven in the same way. We have applied earthly principles to eternal living. We're looking forward to our mansion, our crowns, streets of gold, knowledge beyond what we currently have, seeing uncle Joe who died 20 years ago, asking Paul what it was like to fall off the horse, etc... Even after death we still think it's about us! If life on earth is about God, how much more will life in Heaven be about Him! Once our eternal eyes are opened we will see what life is really about.

Words are deadly said...

Pastor Flattery, that is so true. We do need to realize that this life is GOD'S, not ours.We are here to praise him, and to give him glory. If not for him we wouldn't even be able to worship him. God gave his only son to die for our sins, Doesn't that mean something to anyone anymore? It sure does mean a lot to me. My life is HIS, no one elses.

~Mindy Bartzen