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Monday, April 28, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

I know that Amanda would want me to thank everyone for your generosity this past weekend!

She will be missed!

Thanks for being such a loving and kind congregation!

Amanda did a wonderful job for us - bringing us weekly into the presence of God!

May God bless her and Colt is our prayer. 

Wonderful time of worship yesterday.  To see people free in worship - free to raise their hands; to dance; to worship God with all of their heart, soul and mind - is a wonderful thing!

You have maybe heard me say this before - I sometimes wish you could stand where I stand on the platform and see God's people worshipping - it is a wonderful experience.

We are a church that is hungry for the presence of God!

Listen to what was going on at our church this past Saturday:  RFKC was cleaning out their trailer.  The youth group met with Missionary Gus Graven to discuss their missions trip in the summer.  The Impact girls were coming back from an "overnighter."  Several of our Royal Ranger boys were being honored in Wisconsin.  Our ladies went to a women's retreat!  Busy, busy, busy!

My prayer is that each activity will draw us closer to the Lord.

I enjoyed meeting guests to our church yesterday.

May is upon us - April showers bring May flowers!

What I didn't get to yesterday in my teaching:

When Joseph was in prison, he didn't say, "when I get out of prison, I'm going to serve God."

He didn't say, "if this thing clears up at Potiphar's house, and justice prevails, I'm going to serve God."

You know what Joseph did? 

He said, "I'm going to serve God and bring glory to him wherever I am.  While I'm in the midst of my trial - I am going to bring glory and minister to the Lord."

How many times do we wait for a situation to change before we are faithful to the Lord - and serve Him?

"Well, as soon as I get my family troubles over, I'm going to start ministering." 

"Well, as soon as I financially get off my back, I'm going to minister to the Lord."

No, my friend, minister to the Lord where you are - that's the attitude to have. 

Be like Joseph who said, "I'm going to bloom where I am planted.  Even in a dark prison cell, I am going to minister."

Love you all....

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