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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Teaching moments with your children

I've always tried to go by the theory (when we were raising our kids) that the best way to teach your children is to watch and wait for those "teaching moments" that inevitably come up each day.
Spontaneous moments where you can share a practical and spiritual truth that is birthed out of the moment.
Now, don't get me wrong. 
As Debbie and I raised our children, we did have a season where our family had devotions.  Those ARE important. 
The best resource that I have found for family devotions is a book by John Maxwell entitled, "Your Family Time With God."
Here is the description on the back of the book:
"Are you looking for family devotions that are fun...short..and do-able?
If you want your family to grow in the faith, then Your Family Time With God is an invaluable tool.
This one-year devotional brings the whole family together for short, meaningful times of study, discussion, Bible memorization and prayer.  Each week's devotional is centered on one of fifty-two key foundational values to the Christian faith, such as forgiveness, patience, holiness, and attitudes."
Here's what I know about parenting:  Kids do what kids see.
I saw a commercial on T.V. recently that showed how kids are influenced (in a negative way) by their parents.  The mom was drinking - the teenager was drinking as well.  Dad was physical abusing the mom, their son was shown striking mom as well.
The challenge and the opportunity in raising our kids is that they are constantly watching us and emulating us in what we do or say.
That is a huge responsibility.
One of the greatest player to ever play the game of professional baseball was Cal Ripken.
One time he was searching for parenting tips.
He says the sagest advice he ever received about dadhood came not from the usual child development experts but a former Orioles teammate named Tim Hulett, whom Ripken regards as "the best dad I've ever known."
In one clubhouse conversation still etched in his memory, Ripken recalls Hulett observing, "Your little ones are a blank tape, constantly running and recording information. Whose information do you want on that tape? Yours or somebody else's?"
Cal Ripken replied, "I want my information on that tape."
I get that - and agree with that - as long as it is godly, sound, Holy Spirit anointed information.
Will their be times when you "blow it" it front of your children either through anger or unkind words?
Absolutely.  You are a Christian parent who is fallible.  Again, when that happens, that is a "teaching moment," - a moment to model repentance and forgiveness.
I have faith in you, mom and dad, that you are raising your child as "unto the Lord."
Keep at it!  Persevere!  God is with you!
Just a thought for a Wednesday.

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