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Monday, March 31, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend

What a thrill it was to see three different generations of our church family baptized in water yesterday!

A youngster - Anthony Roebuck.

A 30 something man - Clif Novak

A 69 year old man - Arsenio Reyes.

Each of the testimonies were heartwarming and inspiring!

God is up to something good!

Congratulations to these three:  We rejoice with you at what God is doing in your lives!

It was my privilege to dedicate little Willem Insalaco as "unto the Lord" yesterday.

He is a beautiful baby boy.

One of the Insalaco boys was walking up to platform for the baby dedication (with the rest of the family) and after seeing all of the people being baptized in water, blurted out (on his way up the platform), "I don't want to take a bath".

I guess he thought we were going to dunk him as well.

Great stuff!

We love you Insalaco family!

Congratulations to our students who participated in Fine Arts this past Saturday.  We are proud of all of you!

Three of our youth group girls qualified to go to the National Fine Arts Festival in Columbus, Ohio:

Camryn Stuart for Flash Fiction (short story).

Bridget Cusack for Female Vocal Solo.

Marcella Herrera for Female Vocal Solo.

Applause and congratulations!

I appreciate all the prayers for me - and would ask that you keep on praying for my physical body.

We would encourage you to consider attending our leadership seminar this coming Friday evening at 7:00 P.M.  It is open to everyone - spouses included.

Dick Hardy is one of the foremost Assemblies of God church consultants that we have.

7:00 P.M.

We would also encourage you to "bring a friend" for one of our morning services on April 13th.  The vast majority of people accept Christ through a friend - especially a friend who invites them to "church."

Why not take a step of faith and not only invite a non-Christian friend but bring them as well?

You might be surprised at what the Holy Spirit can do.

Just an fyi:  Brian and Angela Bougher are coming to us this weekend.  Brian is our new worship pastor.  He officially starts in our church office this Friday - and will be working with Pastor Amanda through the month of April (Pastor Amanda's last Sunday is April 2th).

Brian comes to us with a wealth of experience (15 years) and is a godly, spiritual man of the faith.

Michigan State lost yesterday.  Really disappointing for us "Green and White Fans."

Baseball starts today!  Let's hope "real" spring weather is not far behind.

While the White Sox and Cubs will both be crummy this year - I still can't wait to get out and go to the ball park!

Love you all......

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