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Monday, March 17, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

Whenever I hear a spiritual truth once - I listen and apply it to my life.

Whenever I hear a spiritual truth twice - I know for certain that God is trying to speak to me.

Debbie shared this truth with me from Mark Batterson's book, "Draw the Circle", which we are going through as a church for forty days.

Then, last evening, our guest speaker, Mikel French gave us the same through.

Here it is (my paraphrase):  More than speaking to God about our situation, we are to speak to our situation about God.

I like that.

I can and must tell God about my trials, problems and challenges.  God likes it when I do that.  He wants me to "lay my burdens down" at his feet.

But as a spirit filled believer, walking in the authority of Christ, I can also speak to my situation about God.

I can say things like:

"Sickness, God is greater than you.  Be gone in the name of Jesus.  Jesus is my healer.  You shall have no authority over my body."

"Finances, God has everything under control.  You will not cause me to walk in fear because God gives me strength and courage during difficult times.  I will not bow down, finances, to the spirit of worry that you are bringing into my life.  Greater is he in me than he who lives in the world."

"Job search, there is a job out there for me.  You have kept me in bondage for too long.  I will not bow down to the thoughts of the enemy that I will never find a job.  God already has the job for me.  that anxiety I feel over not finding a job is gone - in the name of Jesus!"

Well, you get the idea.

I encourage you to do that today.  Speak to your situation about God.  Tell the situation that your God is far greater than that trial or adversity.

And then, let God "do His thing"!

Powerful stuff.

Over 25 people raised their hands for salvation Sunday morning!

Praise God!

What a deeply anointed service we had last evening - the sweet, powerful presence of God. 

People "slain in the spirit".

People worshipping God.

People being Pentecostal.

I love it.

It was like stepping into a warm house on a cold day.

It was like feeling the warmth of the fire from the fireplace as you sit in your easy chair.

Gentle.  Anointed.  Powerful.

Tonight:  7:00 P.M. 

Thankful for the ministry of Mikel French and James Huey.

The Word and Worship.  A solid "one-two" punch in the devil's face!

I really like being in the presence of God!

God is truly moving in our church - won't you come and join us?

Love you all......

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