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Monday, February 03, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

When God's presence touches us as He did in both services yesterday - we are grateful!

The Holy Spirit moves as He will and when He will.

We can't "bottle" or "program" His moving. 

Thanks to our faithful worship team for a wonderful job yesterday in leading us in worship.

Sometimes I wish that you could stand where I stand on the platform and see people kneeling in prayer or "flat on their face before God," during an altar experience.

It is a powerful visual of how hungry our church family is for the moving of God's Spirit.

We are hungry, Lord!  We are thirsty!

I am told that over 90 people have signed up for the Valentine's Day party!  It is going to be a blast!

Change comes through conflict, crisis, commitment, confession and conversion.

I would ask that you consider asking God to change you spiritually in 2014.

Change is intentional - it is something I choose to participate in.

As I said yesterday, "if you are praying for snow - please stop."  :)

Grateful for visitors yesterday who gave us some feedback on how much they were ministered to during the Sunday morning service.

At the end of the day, we all, as followers of Christ, desire to be closer to the Lord.  We just need to choose to take the step in that direction - and the Holy Spirit will help us.

I really enjoy networking "people with people" in the foyer - especially during the coffee connection time.

Let's all continue to reach out to those who are new or newer in our church!

I was completely surprised by the results of the Super Bowl.  It almost seemed like a Division I college team playing a Division II team in football.

Seattle dominated at each phase of the game - offense, defense and special teams.

How can they not win at least one or two more Super Bowls in this decade?

Watching Seattle shows me how bad my Dallas Cowboys really are - mediocre at best.

Let's ride the "momentum" of the Holy Spirit and continue to see great things in our church!

Reminder:  Invite someone to church this Sunday - and consider bringing them.

Love you all.......

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