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Monday, February 17, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

It was my privilege to dedicate Anthony and Alyssa Espano yesterday.  What a wonderful family!  It is truly a joy to see them grow in the Lord - and in relationship with our church family!

We are rejoicing with Rick Maldaner at finding a job (after a four year search)!

God is good!

Your story, Rick, is not only a testimony of God's faithfulness but an example of a follower of Christ being faithful during a difficult time!

Great to see Kay Nichols and Ruth Sennese back in one of our Sunday morning services yesterday after being gone for various physical infirmities.

I deeply appreciated the positive comments after my teaching yesterday on "Dealing with Abuse".  As I remarked, it was a very, very difficult topic to unpack - as so many people in today's world have experienced abuse.

Thanks to all who took the time to affirm what was shared - it meant a lot to me. 

More importantly, however, I am grateful that it ministered to so many people.

I met two new families yesterday.  Praise God!

Just a short note of thanks for all of you who come Sunday after Sunday to our Sunday morning worship services - thank you for your faithfulness.

There is an urgency in my spirit that we go into a deeper level of relationship with God.

Reminder:  Bring a friend to one of our Sunday morning services!

Bring a friend to one of our many small groups (life groups)!

God is trying to develop a sense of consistency in your life in your walk with Him.

Let him do that.

I am grateful for a loving, caring wife who not only supports me when I am down but speaks truth into my life when I am wrong.

Please be in prayer with us as we continue our search for a new worship pastor.

Again - if you have been praying for snow - please stop.  :) :)

Thanks, Pastor Charlie and Heather for all that you do in ministry.

I am grateful for Amanda and Aldin and Debbie as well!

If you have a prayer need, please contact our church office - our desire is to meet your needs as best and as quickly as we can.

Love you all.....

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