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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Growing in God

I desire to grow in my walk with God. You might ask, "How can I prevent my personal Christian growth from becoming stagnant?"

Let me answer that question with a question. Did you know that you will always struggle with your tendency to make mistakes in life until you die? That no one will be perfect until they are with Jesus in eternity?

And then let me follow that with a statement:

A person who is truly "in Christ" is a person that is growing in God.

Now, obviously, our Christian growth can move at various speeds, and we tend to have times of rapid acceleration in our walk with God, and then have times when we are completely stale, stagnant, moving at a snail's pace. I experience that a lot. Sometimes I wonder if God is really even there; at other times I want to pray for everybody that crosses my path.

When we are growing "at a snail's pace," we may think that we are totally stagnant. But we are not. Little growth is better than no growth at all.

If there is no evidence of growth whatsoever in our life with God, I would suggest that it's time to examine our spirits and our hearts to see if we're in Christ al all because when the Holy Spirit lives in us, he will not permit total stagnation.

How do I grow?


I must be a learner.

Now that doesn't mean simply to accumulate date and/or head knowledge, but coming to an understanding of what it is that pleases God and what it is that pleases Jesus. I must work at my love and enjoy my relationship with God.

That comes through the spiritual disciplines.

Reading the Word.
Having conversations with God.
Sharing my faith.
Be faithful to coming to church.

The best way I know of becoming disciplined is by first learning patterns of discipline under somebody else's mentoring. Join a small group. Talk to Pastor Ron about being discipled. Approach one of the pastors for and schedule a time for coffee.

May we all grow in the Lord today!


Laurie Ann said...

What a wonderful blessing your blog was to me today. I'll be checking back more often. :) Have a great day in the Lord!

Jon said...

Hi Laurie Ann...welcome to the blog. Come back often, the word is always good and comes from the heart.

I love our abbreviated church mission, "Love God, Love People." That is truly the mission (commandments) that Jesus says is most important to our lives. Yes, we need to read the word, be discipled (and disciple others...don't let the branch break with you, lift and encourage others), pray daily (okay, continuously...I love that statement from Paul), spread the Word and the Good News, and celebrate with each other in church services; but we also need to let the world see our love for each other, our love for our Creator and God, and our love for them as God's children...for that's what everyone is, whether they have accepted Christ or not. Even the most lost is just a misguided child (can we say Prodigal Son?) of God...let's bring them home!

God bless