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Monday, August 03, 2015

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:
Congratulations to Hannah Janel for graduating from high school!
We had a great time at her graduation party (Debbie and me) spending time with some of our church family!
I love our church family!
Enjoy the hot weather, gang, while we have it.  "Winter is coming."
Just about the time I was putting my hope in the White Sox once again - they lose three out of four.
Many, many thanks for all of the birthday wishes yesterday - I really appreciate it - I felt the love.
Love you all right back!
Thanks, Pastor Charlie for leading in the singing of "happy birthday."
It was a complete surprise!
"Lots of people" gone on vacation - I always look forward to seeing everyone back in their church home toward the end of August.
I encourage you to have a "good positive day today" - and make it a point to speak kindly to those that you meet.
The worship team did a really good job yesterday - thanks to a faithful, talented group!
Just a reminder:  Our Saturday, September 12th outreach is coming up quickly.  Please prayerfully consider joining our CityFest ministry team!
Prayer can move mountains.

Condolences and prayers to Carol Harmon, who's mom passed away and to Wendy Bettenhausen, who's dad passed away.  May God's strength and peace be with you!
You need the church - and the church needs you.
Throughout the ups and downs of life - our one constant is Jesus Christ!
Love you all......

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