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Monday, June 08, 2015

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:
Many thanks to Leisa McNamara, Gary Ephraim and Howie Hansen for their presentations yesterday concerning our Mpact and Royal Ranger programs!  Well done!
Congratulations to our Honor Star this year:  Kemi Omoniyi!
Also, applause to our Friend graduates:  Udo Anidobu, Tayo Omoniyi and Emily Ridings!

We welcome Shari Yff as our new child care director!  Shari comes with a wealth of experience - and is a godly woman with a wonderful family!
This is turning out to be a very busy month for our church family.  I encourage you to pause during all of the activities and keep your connection to the Lord - strong.
While the Gospel message is eternal - the methods, the ways we present the Gospel are constantly changing.
Life groups is a wonderful ministry in our church - one of our three focal points.
We encourage you to come on Sunday morning.
We encourage you to serve in a ministry.
We encourage you to attend a life group.
Last Saturday, several of our life group leaders met with our life group leader's pastor:  Pastor Brian.
I am very grateful that they took the time to come and dialogue and share about this biblical ministry of connecting the body of Christ with one another!
Thanks to Pastor Brian for a great presentation!
I enjoyed watching and sensing the energy of all of the girls at the Mpact Awards presentation last evening.
Many thanks to all of our Mpact leaders - thank you for your faithfulness and hard work this past year in ministry!
I am grateful that our church family is growing, not only numerically but spiritually as well. 
While we don't see spiritual growth as much as we do numerical growth (or chart financial growth) it is happening - in ways that will have mid-term to long-term effects as we go along.
At the end of the day, mercy always, always triumphs over judgment.
Love you all.........

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