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Monday, June 22, 2015

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:
Summer is here!  Yeah!
Vacations are in full force - have fun spending time with your family and friends!
I really appreciated the sweet, ministering presence of the Lord during communion yesterday.
I am thankful for the cross and forgiveness of sins.
Powerful altar time during the first service yesterday - God is good!
Men, you and I are to be the spiritual leaders of our home.
Review of the principles from yesterday:  As spiritual leaders of our home, guys, we are to walk in integrity, a passion for God and his kingdom, humility and prayer for our family.
There is no greater calling than to pray for our children.
God is our heavenly father, and he watches over our children as we pray.
God uses both our successes and failures to keep us humble.
Humility is simply have a right understanding of who you are:  both your strengths and your weaknesses.
Let's all continue to pray for the Reinhart Bonnke meetings this coming Friday and Saturday.
My prayer is that during the meetings, the hearts of the lost will be open to hear the good news of Jesus Christ - and connect to God.
Lots of horrific stuff going on in the world - I sincerely believe that Jesus is coming soon!
Even so, come Lord Jesus!
Let's all pray for the kids at children's camp this week:  Camps are always a time when our kids draw closer to the Lord.
Can I tell you something?  Debbie and I love all of you very much............

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