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Monday, September 22, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

I am grateful for the awesome sense of worship in our services yesterday.

Pastor Brian and our worship team did a great job of leading us into God's presence!

Worship is not about me - worship is about God (we will talk about this - this coming Sunday).

Serious.  Serious.  Serious.  That is how we are to approach our worship.

Many new guests in both services yesterday!

I can't wait for next Sunday to be here - which I think is a good sign if the lead pastor says that!  :)

Let's all be in prayer for the situation with ISIS.  Rough stuff. 

I believe that we are living in the end times.  I really do.  I believe that if I have the privilege of living for another 20 years - that the rapture will take place during my life time.

Life groups!  If you haven't  yet signed up for a life group - we encourage you to do so

I appreciated the life group leaders who set up a table in the foyer.  It is important that others in our church family know about your group!

If you are looking for information about a life group, please click on:  Then "browse life group listing" and find a group near you and get connected!

Or...feel free to call Pastor Brian at:  708 3852770.

Life groups change lives!

You are loved and appreciate, my friends.  All of you.

Dallas Cowboys won yesterday - coming back from a 21 point deficit.  Incredible.

Beautiful day in Chicago.  First day of fall. 

Is it me - or are the ads for the office of governor of the state of Illinois already annoying?  Okay, we get it - each of you thinks the other is a crook (written with irony).

Rule of political office:  when in doubt - throw mud (not good).

That's one of the reasons (and there are many) that I continually say the church is not a democracy where two opposing parties tear each other down.  The church is a theocracy where we are to operate out of a basis and foundation of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

I encourage you to consider inviting a friend to one of our Sunday morning services next Sunday.

Love you all.......

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