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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Praying as a theist

I am an unashamed theist in that I believe in the interaction of God with us in prayer.

God hears us and responds to us as we converse with him.

Many struggle with this because he does not always respond the way or on the time schedule we would like - but he does respond.

Why does God many times "take his time" with responding?

Well, the answer could be summed up with this:  God lets you love the question until you can live the answer.  I like that (it is a quote).

God lets you love the question until you can live the answer.

Prayer does change things.  But more than changing "things" is the fact that prayer changes us.

We change.

We become ready for the answer. 

And what it is key ingredient in being ready for the answer?

It is this:  I am to seek God's plans rather than my own.

You see, the first request in prayer is not:  "Come on, God, give me this or that."  The first request in prayer is:  "What have you got going today, God?  You love this world.  You loved this world into life.  You created this world.  We are yours.  What is my part in the drama?  What part do you want me to play?  I will play any part you say.  Want me to be a success?  I'll be a success for you.  Want me to be a failure?  I'll fail for you.  Whatever you want."
A complete surrender to God is a key to successful prayer.
"What have you got going today, God?  I'd like to be a part of it.  Thanks for loving me."
Final thought:  Let's all seek God's plans, rather than making up our own little plans and then ask God to support them.
Just a thought for a Wednesday.

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