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Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Our church lost a great veteran of the faith this week.

Cecil Swanson.

Through thick and thin, over the past 40 years, he was a pillar of our church.  A patriarch of our church.

He will be missed greatly.

Cecil loved God, his family and his church.  Both he and Jeanette helped and served literally hundreds of people over the years.  God used them both greatly.

A few weeks ago, we as a church gathered around the altar to worship God.  As we were worshiping, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to lay hands on each person and pray that the Holy Spirit would touch them.

As I came to Cecil, he was already crying, hands lifted up in praise to God.

Praising God at 90 years of age - as if he were new in the faith.

What a testimony!

Let me take Cecil's first name and use it to describe him:

C - Consistent.

Cecil was consistent in his faith.  Every Sunday, he was here worshipping God (sitting to my right - half way back on the right side).  Stone Church was his life and passion.  God was first place in his life.  Truly he "sought first the kingdom of God and then all these things were added unto him."

E - Encouraging.

Cecil always had a word of encouragement for everyone he met.  God used him not only at Stone Church, but as a greeter at Christ Hospital.  You never left his presence without feeling uplifted.

C - Constant

Cecil was always constant in his prayer life; always in conversation with God; always worshipping God; always looking to help his fellow person.

I - Involved

Over the years, through the ups and downs of our church, Cecil (and Jeanette) were always there, involved in the "goings on" of our church.  At several points in our church's history, they were the glue that held everything together.  Our church has been blessed to have such pillars in the faith!

L - Loving

Cecil was a man who exuded the love of God.  Many in our church can testify of his love for them.  A love that was unconditional.  A love that reached out to those who were "down and out" - it didn't matter, both he and Jeanette lived to love and to serve the hurting, the wounded and the disadvantaged.

The Bible says in Psalms 116:15, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."

Death in God's eyes is precious because there is no more suffering in heaven, there is no  more sickness, there is no more separation (and Cecil is now with Jeanette).

One day, we will all (as Christians) be gathered around the throne room of God - and reunited with pillars in the faith such as Cecil.

I am looking forward to that day - how about you?

Just a thought for a Tuesday.

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