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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

Well, it's 5:20 on a Tuesday afternoon, and I am just now getting around to blogging about the weekend. Been busy today - trying to cram two days work into one.

Great weekend.

I studied Saturday morning, and then went to a White Sox game with Mickey, Art and Kyle from our church.

We won. Paul Konerko hit a home run that bounced off the left field foul pole. Bam. Hit it head on. I had never seen that in person before.

Sunday morning was fantastic. Another great time of worshipping God. It trust that many received their prayer language. Several stood to start a connection with Christ. Wonderful stuff.

And, of course, Debbie and I went to Grand Rapids and saw Andrew, Christie and our granddaughter, Georgia.

She is just...I am trying to find the words to describe her....she is beautiful. People are just attracted to her.

I'm happy that I will get to see her once a month for the next three months.

She brings so much joy into my life.

Never knew grandparenting could be so tremendous - and it is.

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