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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Always setting new goals

One of the books I am reading right now is the book entitled "Axiom" by Bill Hybels. He writes of leadership principles for the 21st century.

Even though I have been a leader for 28 years now, there is much I have to learn. I want to keep on learning, keep on growing, keep on becoming the best leader I can be until the day I leave this planet.

Perhaps God is speaking to you about this. Perhaps you have been floundering, wondering what God wants you to do next. Many times these feelings are God led, even God ordained.

Once goals are achieved, new goals must be picked up - in fact I would suggest that to be healthy spiritually and even emotionally and spiritually, we must constantly be striving, moving forward, achieving all that we can within the parameters of God's will and direction.

I was reading, today, of a man who applies for a job. His prospective employer asks about his previous work. The man says, “I was a dog catcher in a small Texas town, but they had to let me go when the position was eliminated.”

The employer asks, “Was it eliminated because of funding cuts?”

The man says, “No. It was eliminated because I caught the dog.”

So many times we can be like that dog catcher. Thinking that we have achieved all there is to achieve in life. No!

God has so much more for you.

On Sunday mornings we are studying the book of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah had a big dream: he wanted to rebuild the walls of the city of Jerusalem. Against all odds, he accomplished his goal.

We are looking at how he did that.

But what next? Already in our relocation process, some are asking "what next?" What about phase two, phase three?"

What was next for Nehemiah? Should he tear down the walls and build them again? No, the lesson for us is that he moved to a new level. He developed a new dream, bigger and more ambitious than the first: reuniting the people of Israel.

This is what he wrote: "At that time the city was large and spacious, but the population was small. And only a few houses were scattered throughout the city. So my God gave me the idea to call together all the leaders of the city, along with the ordinary citizens, for registration." (Nehemiah 7:4-5)

Instead of questioning his own usefulness, Nehemiah upgraded his goals in life; he made the transition from building walls to building people.

Not only do I want to continue to grow and follow after even greater goals in my own life, I desire to do the same for our church.

So....after the second phase and the third, we will continue to plant churches and give enormous amounts of monies to missions and then look toward buying more property and building even bigger...on and on it goes...rock and roll!

Strive to be all that you can be - at all times in your life - and your will never regret it.

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