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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Job fulfillment

I love what I do. I work as a pastor. It's a calling. It's a privilege.

Now, that's not to say that what I do is easy. It is not. There are some days I would rather be sitting on a beach in Florida, sipping sweeten ice tea and listening to the sound of the ocean.

I work with people.

People are funny, they always want to "sit in the front of the bus, the back of the church and drive in the middle of the road."

But to me, working with people, helping people, serving people, seeing people overcome difficult situations with the help of God is a thrilling thing.

A life fulfilling thing.

I heard one time that the secret to job success is finding something you like to do and then go out and do it.

However, realistically, not all of us "like" or "love" our jobs.

Sometimes, because of financial situations, or circumstances at the home, there are job decisions made that force us to work at a job that we don't like.

What do we do?

I found an article today that might help:

10 Tips for Coping With a Job You Hate

By Kate Lorenz,

Having a job you just hate is never an easy thing to deal with, but sometimes you just need to grin and bear it until another opportunity comes along. Whether you're currently stuck because you just have to pay the bills or are holding out for the next great job, here are some things you can do to help you get through the day.

1. Set weekly goals for yourself. Sometimes it is easier to get through the day when you can keep your eye on the prize. Even if you hate your job now, there is something out there that will make you happy. Make weekly goals to help you find that golden opportunity. One week you might strive to send out five resumes or attend one networking event. Setting these goals will give you something to work towards.

2. Do one thing each day to help you reach your goals. You don't need to cross all your goals off your list every day, but you can chip away daily. When you get up in the morning, set a daily objective for yourself and make sure you achieve it. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you feeling good about your progress.

3. Give yourself "me time" before work. Going into a job you hate will be worse if you get to the office feeling rushed, stressed and frazzled. Set aside some moments of solitude each morning. Develop a positive morning ritual. Treat yourself to a latte, get up early enough to read the paper, or just set your alarm to play upbeat music when you wake up. Improving your mornings can do wonders for your afternoons.

4. Create a diversion for yourself in the office. Does being in your office make you yearn for the outdoors? Are the incessant ringing phones driving you batty? Do something to brighten your mood while you're at work. Take in a tropical picture and use it as your screensaver. Buy yourself a "joke of the day" desk calendar. Plug headphones into your computer or bring your I Pod to work. Go out for lunch.

5. Use your time to develop your skills. Hating your job doesn't mean you can't learn new skills. Use your time to make yourself a better candidate down the road. If your company offers training courses, take advantage of them. Use downtime to learn something new on your computer. Pick up a management development book and read it at lunch. Turn this job into an opportunity for self improvement.

6. Blow off some steam. Most people have an activity that helps them unwind and get rid of tension. Go for a run after work, go swimming on your lunch hour, or take a nice long walk. Put this time on your schedule so you will have something to look forward to every day.

7. Treat yourself. To make up for your office misery, find little ways of treating yourself. Buy a good book to read. Treat yourself to ice cream. Rent a movie. Shop for a new interview suit. Plan your next vacation. Find out what makes you feel better inside, no matter what is going on outside.

8. Maintain your performance. It is important to continue to do your work and do it well, regardless of your current situation. Set personal performance goals. Then use the accomplishments in future interviews.

9. Keep your bridges in tact. It really is a small world, and you never know when you will run into coworkers from your past. Don't burn any bridges at your company because you are unhappy. Maintain your contacts and keep your relationships on a positive note. You might just need a reference or a good word from one of your colleagues in the future.

10. Realize that this too shall pass. Right now, it might seem like you will be stuck in this job forever. Keep you chin up and remind yourself that you are in charge of your destiny. Search internal postings for new positions. Start your search for a new job externally.

I trust that you have a great day at work.....


Jon said...

Like you, I have a job that I love and have had for most of my adult life...not that there aren't times that I'd rather not do them (can you say up to the neck in a mangrove swamp?) but I've always loved what I do for a living. Part of that is the knowledge that I serve people, part of it is that I have always been able to learn new things while I'm working. While it may seem that the world of law enforcement is all about putting on a uniform and chasing the bad guys (and yes, that's fun stuff), there are many other tasks within the job that you can pursue to challenge yourself. I believe that to be true with most jobs...there are things in there that can keep you challenged and alert if you look for them.

The points included in your blog are of the things that I tell all of my new hires is that I expect them to be happy. If they find that this is not the job for them, I will support them in finding one that will make them happy and help them get it (as much as I can) either through advice or training or recommendations...but that I expect good work while they are here! People who know that you care about them and their happiness are more inclined to work harder for you. People who are happy with what they do, consistently do a better job. That's what I look for in those who work for me... people who are happy in what they do. But mostly, my philosophy (while it has benefits for me and my organization) is about the happiness of others.

Some people say that God is a "macro" God, that He's only in the big things...God is in the details as well. There is nothing, no detail, no job, no infintessimal (is that a word? if so, did I spell it right?) mote, that God does not see and use to His good purpose. Use your job for that...serve God in your workplace and love people so that they may see His light reflected through you.

Prayers to all of you and those in the South.


Youth Extreme said...

I love my job, I love what I do, today is one of those days that I was presented with lots of what I call opportunities. Most would say I had a boat load of problms to deal with. But they are opportuntites to show how God is present in all things. A quick prayer provides me encouragement and thoughts that assist in my abilities as a leader, decision making, and problem resolution. As a kid I loved puzzles, I would sit for hours putting them together, I would put the pieces upside down so I could not see the picture for a bigger challenge. It taught me think more out of the box. This has served me well in my current position. I love being faced with an incredible problem and finding solutions. I also appreciate being faced with issues and problems because I am in a leadership role and must resolve the the problem. My biggest joy is helping people to work through and solve problems. It is probably why I like to work with youth so much as they see everything in black and white, yes, no, adult vs. youth. I enjoy watching the light goes on as they begin to understand and resolve the problem. The excitment is catchy....

Teresa O. said...

Every week I walk into work thanking God for where I work, the pay, and the benefits. I know I am blessed. Does it mean I love every day - absolutely not! My husband and I both know God is control and we are content where we are, but it doesn't mean we will just "rest" in not moving in directions to see if God has more for us. Sometimes it is hard knowing what God is doing in our lives. Seeing what has happened in the Gulf, it puts everything in perspective of what really matters. We are more than blessed and thankful for each day with our family, friends, and most of all His constant love and forgiveness. God is in control of our lives and we look forward to all he has planned for us.