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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Someone once said:

"If you can't get to sleep at night, check your pillow."

"If you can't get to sleep for two nights, check your mattress."

"If you can't get to sleep for three night, check your conscience."

Paul wrote to Timothy in First Timothy 6:6, "true religion with contentment is great wealth."

What does the word contentment mean to you?

How do you respond to the statement, "Contentment is _________"?

What is your "fill in the blank" answer?

Here's what I am learning. Contentment is not the opposite of success. In our culture we somehow believe that I am only content when I stop striving and straining to reach the goals that I have set in my life.

Contentment is not being lazy. Rich and poor people can be discontented.

Contentment is not being passive or meek.

Contentment doesn't mean you don't have ambition.

If my ambitions come from a desire to serve God, to help others, and to improve myself so I will have a greater impact in my world, then the fulfillment of your ambition will bring you contentment.

Contentment is elusive to us, because we are scared to death that the world is going to pass us by. It remains a future thing.

I will be contented when:

I have a baby.
I get another job.
My kids are raised.
I retire.
I get over my illness.

God wants us to be contented in the present.

What is contentment? Peace of mind. Happiness. Joy.

It's ironic - we fight and strain and push forward for happiness, satisfaction and peace of mind by overspending, ocvercommitting, and overworking.

Striving, consuming and accumulating will never bring happiness.

There is tremendous power in contentment, because when you are content with what you have, you are free. You are free from concern over having it all now, and free from worry, stress and anxiety.

Where does my contentment come from? From my relationship with God.

Strive for contentment today by striving for a deeper relationship with God.


Youth Extreme said...

Contentment is knowing I have done my best. Contentment is failure because I know I at least tried and failed which is better then not trying. Life and contentment is about doing. Being sensitive to what God has placed in your life and acknowledging it. Friends, obsticles, trials, wife, childern all these things God has blessed me with and they are why I am content with who I am and what my life represents. I fail constantly, but I keep getting up and trying again. I know I am trying to make a difference in others and helping them to be better then they could be by themselves. I lay my head on my pillow each night excited about what I accomplished that day and looking forward to tomorrows challenges. My wife will attest that I fall asleep with in minutes once my head is on the pillow and the reason is contentment.

Teresa O. said...

Contentment to me is resting in God; allowing him to guard my heart and keep me from being anxious over things I can't control. It's not about positive thinking, but knowing God is in control, not me. When He is enough and He is my sufficiency, I'm content. If I find I'm discontented, then I need to look inward to see what my focus is truly on. I remain contented only when I am chasing after God. When I get lazy and comfortable in my walk, discontentment can easily set in. No matter what trials or adversity is thrown my way in my life, the closer I stay committed to the Lord, the more He helps me remain contented in Him and not the things of this world. Contentment in the Lord is true peace, satisfaction, and happiness.

Jon said...

Well said Teresa...I often get asked why I don't worry much, don't get worked up about stuff at work, at home, at church, in the world. My answer is, of course, God is in control...that is my contentment, knowing that in all things, the God who loves me has control of my life and all in it. He has placed me where He wants me to be; He has given me the home He wants me to have; He has provided me with my lifetime loves and companions; He has delivered me to the church wherein He wants me to be and work in community with others. Have I ever told you what God said to me when I entered the foyer the very first time...before a greeter, before a pastor, before a member ever had a chance to say hello...God said, "Welcome Home!" How can I be other than content when I am walking in His plan? I love Him so much and could spend so much time telling of His miracles in my life...oh, what a glorious and gracious God we serve!

God's love to all