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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Making right choices

I have found that in life making right choices can either make you or break you. Our lives are the sum total of the decisions that we make.

Sometimes we make good decisions. Sometimes we don't.

Most decisions are either moral or priority.

Patrick Morley writes, "A priority decision involves choosing between right and right. In other words, two or more choices can be made, either of which would be morally right."

Working longer hours or spending more time with the family is a priority decision. Staying home and watching television or becoming involved in a ministry at your local church is a priority decision.

Morley then writes, "In contrast, moral decisions re choices between right and wrong. There is a morally correct choice and the morally incorrect choice."

I then like what he says, "the best insurance for making the right decision is to know how not to make the wrong decision."

Jesus is being tempted. The devil comes to him after forty days of fasting. He tempts him three times and three times Jesus bats a thousand and comes through with the winning runs to win the game.

The three principles we can learn from his experience?

One, make decisions according to the Word of God. Rely upon God's word. Balance every choice you make with what God says.

Two, avoid foolish decisions that test God. It's one thing for me to do something by faith, trusting in God, it's another for me to throw myself off a cliff and expect God to protect me.

Three, avoid decisions that reduce worship and service to God. For instance, do I take a job that will force me to work on Sundays?

I encourage you to make right decisions today - with the help of God's spirit.

Be blessed.

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