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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Faithfulness at any cost

I used to have this idea that as soon as everything was "perfect" in my life I would be happy. As soon as I had all the money I needed, as soon as everyone loved me, as soon as I was completely healthy, as soon as things were going well at work.

It's a trap. The "as soon as" trap. For no "as soon as" ever, really comes into fruition. There is always one more "as soon as".

Happiness is a choice. It's something I choose to participate in no matter what my circumstances are.

But happiness can not only be elusive in the midst of trials and adversity, happiness can be difficult to seize in the midst of the dailyness of life.

We get up, go to work, come home, watch some T.V. (or whatever it is you do to provide a distraction in your life), go to bed and sleep and then repeat the next day. It's like a scene from the movie "Groundhog day" where Bill Murray is awaken in his hotel room every morning at 6:00 A.M. to the tunes of Sonny and Cher.

On and on life goes.

The key - remain faithful. Perhaps a daily understanding of the principle that God is not so much concerned about my happiness as he is my holiness, he's not so much concerned about my circumstances as he is my character would help.

The challenge of Jesus today is not to be happy (although he does desire us to be filled with joy, peace and happiness) but to be faithful at any cost.

Just a thought.....


Jon said...

My employees and my family will tell you that I always say, "You have a choice every day to either be happy or for me, I choose to be happy." For me, happiness comes from being at peace with my place in God's world, knowing that I am where He placed me no matter what happens to me. The work He has done in my life is all the proof I need that, even in the toughest and darkest hour, it will get better. It is when we can praise Him in our times of trouble that our souls get lifted, our burdens decrease, and His loving spirit overwhelms us (at least me) with comfort. His faith in me over the 20 years I was gone deserves my faith in Him forever...He never left me, He often carried me, and He has always loved me. How can I ever ask for more or match what I have been given? I can't...but I can try to do the same for others.

Tell the Good News to someone today!

Youth Extreme said...

Happiness is fleeting, I am truly a weird person because I was riding my bike durring the summer between 4th and 5th grade when this whole concept came to me. I used to worry I was missing out on more fun because I was someplace doing something and knew there were other things happening. That day, on that bike I made the decision to enjoy what ever I was involved in and not worry about what I might be missing. I also made a decision to try and make it more fun for everyone. My life changed that day because I decided to enjoy life and my circumstances no matter what. Feelings and emotions are choices, I choose to enjoy life and not be beaten down by what is handed me. In all things give praise and thanksgiving....This is a good motto to live by...