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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Christ's love in the little things

There is a tremendous amount of validity to showing the love of Christ in the "big things". 
Ministering at City Church once a month.
Serving in a ministry at our church.
Making a meal for someone in need.
But there is also a huge amount of effectiveness in showing Christ's love in the small things.
John Ortberg relates this story:
"There was a front-page article in the San Francisco Chronicle about a metro-transit operator named Linda Wilson-Allen.  She loves the people who ride her bus, learns their names, and waits for them if they are late and then makes up the time later on her route. 
A woman in her eighties named Ivy had some heavy grocery bags and was struggling with them.  So Linda got out of her bus driver's seat to carry Ivy's grocery bags onto the bus.  Now Ivy lets other buses pass her stop so she can ride on Linda's bus.
Linda saw a woman named Tanya in a bus shelter.  She could tell Tanya was new to the area and she was lost.  It was almost Thanksgiving, so Linda said to Tanya, "you're out here all by yourself.   You don't know anybody.  Come on over for thanksgiving and kick it with me and the kids."
Now they are friends.  Linda has built such a little community of blessing on that bus that passengers offer Linda the use of their vacation homes.  They bring her potted plants and floral bouquets.  When people found out she likes to wear scarves to accessorize her uniforms, they started giving them, as presents to Linda.
Think about what a thankless task driving a bus can look like in our world:  cranky passengers, engine breakdowns, traffic jams, gum on the seats.  You ask yourself, "How does she have this attitude?"
The Chronicle states, "Her mood is set at 2:30 A.M. when she gets down on her knees to pray for 30 minutes," the Chronicle states.  "There is a lot to talk about with the Lord," says Wilson-Allen, a member of Glad Tidings Church in Hayward."
When she gets to the end of her line, she always says, "That's all.  I love you.  Take care." 
Have you ever had a bush driver tell you, "I love you"?
People wonder, "Where can I find the kingdom of God?"
I tell you where.  You can find it on the #45 bus riding through San Francisco.  People wonder, "Where can I find the church"?  I will tell you.  Behind the wheel of a metro transit vehicle."
Great stuff from John Ortberg.
I encourage all of  us today to be open to sharing the love of Christ in the small things today - and in the little things of life.
Just a thought for a Tuesday.

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