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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Listening to the right person

When Debbie and I go to see a movie, I generally look at the critic's reviews to see as to "whether or not a movie is good or whether it is bad."
A lot of times they are right - a movie can be good, or a movie can be really crummy.
After all, they are the professional critics.
At the same time, however, what might seem to be a bad movie to them - could be something that Debbie and I really like.
And what might seem like a good movie to them - could be something that Debbie and I do not like.
Even all of the professional critics do not agree with one another. 
So, the thought of the day is this:  be careful who you listen to.
There's the story of how one day a farmer grabbed his shot gun to shoot at a flock of pesky crows.  Unfortunately, he didn't see his sociable parrot that had joined the crows.  After firing a few shots, he walked over the fallen birds and was surprised to find his parrot badly ruffled with a broken wing.
When the farmer's children saw the injured bird, they asked, "Dad, what happened?"  The farmer simply replied, "Bad company."
The Bible encourages to avoid harmful influences. 
Regardless of our age or spiritual strength, over time, unwise influences will negatively affect our walk with the Lord - and our opinion of anything in life - especially our local church.
Satan is determined to pull us into sin and wreck our lives, and he often uses wrong influences to accomplish his goal.
Here's what I know:  Whatever I talk about - I become.
If all I talk about is sports - I become a sports person.
If all I talk about is politics - I become a politician.
If all I talk about is Jesus - I grow in Christ.
Here's my encouragement to you today:  Be willing to form your own opinions
The Bible does say that there is wisdom in a "multitude of counselors," but be careful who you listen to.
One negative, critical word can persuade you to miss the will and calling of God for your life.
Just a thought for a Tuesday.

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