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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Freedom in the home

Parents, here's what I know:
You can create an atmosphere of freedom in your home.
Let me share with you quickly how.
Teach them well.
One of the principles I teach is that much more is "caught" than "taught".  But do not rely on this principle alone!
No child just naturally knows how to live in a way that brings freedom to themselves or others - some things need to be taught as well as caught.
I would suggest that you never assume that your children will "pick up" what is right or wrong - even in church - but take up the mantle of teaching your children spiritual things well.
Your child's primary spiritual leader/pastor is you!
And while I am thinking about it - it is never, never too early to begin their spiritual moral and social training.
Someone once wrote, "God's commandments are like the owner's manual for the proper living of life."
God says that (read Deuteronomy 11:18-21) if we will teach our children to respect, honor and live by His laws (owner's manual) then we can expect the following blessings for ourselves and for them:
Both our lives and the lives of our children will be long.
Our days on earth will be like those of heaven.
Live out the ways of God.
This is the "caught" part.
Living a life of obedience before our children speaks volumes.
One suggestion:  Have communion in your home once a week.  There is power in sharing the Lord's table with your children. 
Let worship be a part of that practice.
Explain the why and how of dealing with spiritual issues, elevating the depth of the truth as they grow older (and hopefully wiser).
Finally, (and there are many more), if your child (children) does come in contact with an ungodly influence (through a T.V. show or a movie or book), use that as a tool to understand God's ways in contrast to man's ways. 
I would encourage you to minimize the times that your children are watching T.V. alone - you never know what comes up in today's culture. 
As one author put it, "the key is for parents to watch TV programs and videos with their kids, helping them to understand God's way in contrast to what they have just seen or heard."
I understand those who are home-schooling their children in and effort to protect them from the evils of society.  But even in the homes of reasonably dedicated Christians there can be a lapse in moral and spiritual standards no matter how hard you as a parent try to protect them.
The positive side of that is that you can, again, use it as a teaching time to explain what is right and wrong.
Just a thought for a Tuesday.

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