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Monday, November 02, 2009

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

Most of the great memories of life do not come from some major event in our lives but from a series, a succession of smaller events, that when put together, bring forth warm feelings of love and gratitude.

That's what happened this weekend.

All weekend long, I experienced a wonderful sense of love and unity in our church.

None of them, in and of themselves, are worthy of historical notation, but when you put them all together - powerful stuff.

When I walked into the church Saturday evening (I was a judge at the Chili cook off) there was a genuine buzz and excitement. Kids were yelling and screaming in delight, adults were chowing down on the chili, and both children and adults were dressed in costumes in celebration of our "Harvest Festival".

I also met several new folks - that makes that type of event even more meaningful.

All of the chilies were good - some were better than others....Frank Wolf won the competition.

During the Sunday morning prayer time, our church family prayed for we as pastors.

I deeply appreciate the prayers of God's people. But I also sensed their love and appreciation as well.

It is nice (and meaningful) to be appreciated everyone in a while.

But then, the worship time after the teaching - It's hard to describe in written form. I would worship, sometimes walking, sometimes standing, sometimes on my knees, and each time I would look out into the audience, hands were raised, people were lifting their voices in song and praise...there was a desire to wait on God.


We desire the "fire of God" to fall on us and we intercede, as we "hunger and thirst" for more of Him.

May it be so, dear Father in heaven. May you so fill us with an intensity to seek after you - that we connect with you - and see unchurched people connect with you as well.

It's beginning to "rain" as the song goes. Rain, Holy Spirit, Rain!

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